HDPE Bottles

2 lt

Very little introduction is needed with the unmistakable 2Lt square 'milk bottle' design that has surely stood the test of time. This bottle, now diversified to being used for a wide range of chemicals, cleaning detergents, bubble bath and even bird feed in addition to its ongoing dairy companion, is seen here in its purest form. A sturdy 60g bottle, which we offer in a clear, brilliant white or pure black, is sure to suit your requirements perfectly, whatever your choice of 'fill'.


5 lt

Here we have Eco Bottling's signature bottle; our pride and joy. This new, unique design lends itself to hassle-free, one-handed pouring and is set to take the market place by storm. It has had raving revues thus far and is perfect for when you don't have that free hand. Whether it be in a 120g, 140g or 160g; in the bakery, workshop, kitchen or bar, our 5Lt bottle will ensure that you have the very best quality in a tough, user friendly design which can be used and stored with ease.

In short, this bottle is robust in its make-up and practical in its design.


2 lt White

Snow White

1 lt

Production on this range has been temporarily suspended to allow for a machine upgrade in order to ensure that you, our valued customer, always receive nothing but the best we have to offer.